Deante Strickland was always a huge fan of sports, especially basketball. He started playing basketball at the young age of just 2 years old! He lived a life full of hard work and dedication to the game of basketball . Deante had a drive for the game and at times it was breathtaking to see him soar across the court with the incredible ability to study his opponents as well teams!

Deante's untimely death on August 2nd, 2019 left a tremendous hole in our family as well as our community. He is truly missed and loved by so many. Deante during his life had so many opportunities to participate and join countless sports teams. The community poured into him because they noticed his 'special talent.' Without their help and assistance Deante would have missed out on countless sports activities that were crucial to his development as an athlete.

Deante met and exceeded many of his goals in life. He traveled, won every award throughout his basketball (and football) career. He spent time not only perfecting his game but devoted his time to referee games on the weekend and mentoring young athletes.One of his ultimate goals was to play professional basketball-and he achieved that by being selected to play for a team overseas!

StrickCity Legacy is created to honor my son Deante and every person that helped him along his journey. We want to make sure every kid that has a goal can see a finish line to meet those goals.


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